Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Porcupine and The Dog


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It's my honor and pleasure to be allowed to present first-time blogger Sophie. She wrote the tale of The Porcupine and The Dog.

It's an inclusive story with an interesting choice of characters. She has a protagonist, antagonist, conflict, tension, character arc, and concludes with a moral.

I wish I could write like that.

Her third-grade class has converted The Porcupine and The Dog into a stage play and performed it more than once.

Congratulations, Sophie.

The Porcupine and The Dog

By Sophie

One hot summer evening Porcupine and Dog went to a party. Dog skipped over to the punch bowl to grab some punch, but when he turned around Dog was staring at his absolutely totally horrifying worst enemy, Porcupine. When the two of them were little, Porcupine had totally embarrassed Dog in front of the whole school.  Dog walked up to him and Said, ’’What are you doing here?’’  ‘

“I’m hosting this party.’’  

“oh ya.’’ 

 ‘’Oh you want to play this game?’’ said Porcupine. ’’I call you to a dance war.”   Porcupine had planned to make Dog mad. Dog started to dance. Porcupine joined him.  They danced all night. Since Porcupine planned this war he had taken dance lessons.  Dog started dancing and Porcupine tried to dance and make everything perfect.  Finally they were too tired to dance any more.   In unison they said, ’’Who won?’’ 
All the other animals cheered, “Dog! Dog!” 
Porcupine said, “But, but...’’ He was pouting and ran off sobbing. 
Moral:Cheaters never win.

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  1. Love this story from guest blogger Sophie! Well done!


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