Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Rattler Contest

Results of  the 2016 Phoenix Rattler contest sponsored by Christian Writers of  the West have been announced.
Roy is the category winner of the Mystery/Thriller/Romantic Suspense genre.

His novel, The Tough Kid, keeps the reader engrossed from an explosive beginning to an out-of-breath ending.

Great job, Big Brother.

Also, ahem, I enjoyed some success in the contest too.

If you've looked at all the pages on this blog, you will have noticed the mention of Little CAB Press, the publisher of other stories written by Roy and me.
I intended to use the win to have agent Murgalump Kneffle upgrade my contract with Little CAB. Right now, it stipulates that my stories only see print if I can convince Roy to submit a story too. Even then, my work is printed at the back of the anthology on tear-out pages.

Murgalump said she wasn't going to bother because if I won, then I must have been the only entry in my genre at the Rattler contest, winning by default.

I thought about it and it's okay. It's a certificate I didn't have yesterday.

What did you win, or should have won? Leave a comment.

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